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Open up Your Eyes With Blepharoplasty

If your eyes aren’t looking their best, it might be time to consider blepharoplasty. This procedure literally opens your eyes, helping you look younger and more alert.

Nov 15th, 2020
Am I Too Old For a Breast Lift?

Gravity can take a toll on your breasts’ position on your chest. Fortunately, a breast lift can fix that — and there’s no age at which you’re too old. Find out if a breast lift is right for you.

Oct 9th, 2020
The Secret to Getting a Natural-Looking Facelift

What’s the point of getting a facelift if it looks fake? A natural-looking face-lift can make you look rested, healthy, and younger. Here’s the secret to getting a natural-looking facelift you’ll love.

Apr 8th, 2020
GlamMa Makeover

First question everyone has is, what is a GlamMa Makeover? Well a "GlamMa" is a noun, meaning a glamorous, wonderful woman, whose children have had children and is far to young, too gorgeous and too glamorous to be called "GRANDMA"

Nov 28th, 2019
Buttock Enhancement is it for you?

What is a Brazilian butt lift? If your butt is lacking fullness but other areas of your body have extra, maybe buttock enhancement is in your future.

Nov 20th, 2019

Where will my surgery with Dr Swanson be done?

Nov 29th, 2019
The Skinny On Body Contouring

What it is: Body contouring is changing the shape of your body, which could include your abdomen, breasts, back, flanks, arms and legs.

May 31st, 2017