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All About Good Skincare Choices in the Summer

All About Good Skincare Choices in the Summer

You want to keep your skin as healthy and young-looking as possible through the years. That means sun protection matters. Without it, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can reach your skin, speeding aging, causing dark spots, and increasing your risk for skin cancer. 

As the days get longer and you spend more time outside during the summer months, sun protection gets extra important. Fortunately, we can help. At The SPA at Dr. Swanson in Torrance and Los Alamitos, California, Linda Swanson, MD, and our licensed aesthetician, Jennifer Flores, can help you tailor a summer skincare plan. Call our office for personalized recommendations. 

While your unique skin benefits from customized sun protection, we do have a few general rules you can use to take good care of your skin this summer. 

Get the right sunscreen

Not all sunscreen is created equal. While you might think that sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 will do the trick while allowing you to develop a little tan, it puts you at risk. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that you use a sunscreen that:

Jennifer can help you get a high-quality sunscreen that ticks all of those boxes and works with — rather than against — your skincare routine. 

Apply it correctly

Even the best sunscreen doesn’t do you any good if you’ve sweat it off or applied it without giving it time to work. 

For starters, you should apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you plan to be in the sun. Don’t stop there, though. To ensure you continue to get the protection your skin needs, you need to reapply every two hours. 

Also, make sure you’re using a sufficient amount to get the protection you need. Jennifer recommends using at least two tablespoons per application. 

Adapt your skincare routine

Jennifer can help you adjust your at-home skincare routine to support your skin during the warmer months. Generally, that means using an effective but lightweight moisturizer, possibly a dual-purpose one that contains SPF. She may also recommend topical treatments like serums or exfoliants to keep your complexion radiant this summer. 

Ultimately, no matter the time of year, Jennifer prescribes a set protocol: cleanse, correct, hydrate, and protect. She can help you identify the right products to fulfill those key functions during this time of year. 

Seek shade

To further protect your skin, stay in the shade whenever that’s an option. And to bring the shade with you, now’s the perfect time to invest in a cute sun hat you’ll enjoy wearing all summer long. 

For help making good skincare choices this summer, call our office nearest you or book your appointment online today.

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