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Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat With Liposuction

Liposuction used to seem like something reserved for the wealthy and famous. But more and more Americans are choosing it all the time. In fact, in 2020 it reached the status of the second most popular cosmetic surgery. And of the more than 250,000 people who chose liposuction in 2019, more than 15% were under the age of 30. 

More people of all ages are opting for liposuction because they’re learning that it’s an excellent way to get rid of stubborn fat. And in the process, you can improve your self-confidence. 

If you’re curious about liposuction, don’t hesitate to contact Linda Swanson, MD, in Torrance and Los Alamitos, California. As an experienced liposuction provider, Dr. Swanson has helped countless people get their dream shape with this procedure. 

Should you be one of them? 

Addressing persistent fat with liposuction

Each body holds weight differently. Some people carry their fat around their midsection, while others see it go to their legs or upper arms. When you lose weight, these areas are usually the last to change.

In fact, many people find that even with diet and exercise, stubborn fat remains. If you have problem areas where fat just won’t seem to budge, it might be time to consider liposuction.

With this procedure, Dr. Swanson can specifically target those stubborn fat cells. She offers liposuction to get rid of persistent fat on your:

What’s more, if you gain weight after the procedure, the contours Dr. Swanson creates with liposuction remain. That means your body is more likely to evenly distribute any gained weight rather than collecting it in your problem areas. 

What to expect with liposuction

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that Dr. Swanson performs under general anesthesia. That means you’re asleep during the procedure, but you can return home the same day. 

Because Dr. Swanson uses the latest liposuction techniques and is very experienced with this procedure, you can expect minimal post-operative bruising and swelling. 

Generally, you’ll want to take about a week off work, and you’ll need to wear a compression garment on the treated area for about a month. Other than that, recovering from your liposuction should be a quick and straightforward process. 

You don’t need to commit to liposuction to schedule an appointment with Dr. Swanson. Call our office nearest you or book a visit online for a consultation with Dr. Swanson today. With this evaluation, you can find out if liposuction is right for you. What are you waiting for?

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