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Liposuction Can Help You Banish Stubborn Fat Pockets

The year 2020 has brought more time at home than any of us could have imagined. While some people have used the extra time at home to work toward their fitness goals, many have seen the needle move in the opposite direction. The stress of this uncertain season, the excess time indoors, and the temptation to use food as a boredom buster have all led people to gain weight in recent months.

This can be especially frustrating if you noticed a change in your body, then tried to reverse it to no avail. But you’re not stuck with stubborn fat. At our offices in Torrance and Los Alamitos, California, Linda Swanson, MD, offers liposuction to target unwanted pockets of fat. 

If you thought lipo was a weight loss procedure, think again. Instead, Dr. Swanson uses liposuction to contour your body, addressing those persistent areas of fat so you can get the body you want. 

How liposuction works for stubborn fat

Every body carries weight differently. Some carry fat around their middle, while others watch it go to their thighs. It can be frustrating, especially when you diet and exercise and watch pounds fall away — but not in the areas that bother you most. 

Fortunately, Dr. Swanson uses liposuction to target specific areas of fat. With this procedure, she strategically removes fat cells from your biggest problem areas, contouring your shape to help you reach your body goals.

She uses liposuction to address fat virtually anywhere on your body. Specifically, she uses this procedure to banish stubborn fat on your:

In other words, if you’re tired of living with fat that just won’t budge, don’t hesitate to talk to Dr. Swanson about what lipo can do for you. 

Maintaining your liposuction results

When Dr. Swanson uses liposuction to remove fat from your trouble areas, those fat cells are gone for good. With diet and exercise to prevent weight gain (i.e., the creation of new fat cells), you shouldn’t have any more issues with that part of your body.

In fact, even when people do gain weight, many of our patients report that the new fat distributes more evenly. After liposuction, you should have fewer problems with stubborn fat pockets. 

Are you curious to learn what liposuction can do for you? If so, don’t wait to get in touch with Dr. Swanson. You can get started by calling the office most convenient for you or booking your appointment online today.

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