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Regain Your Youthful Look With a GlamMa Makeover

You’ve probably heard of a mommy makeover, a procedure many women choose after giving birth to restore their breasts, stomach, and any other problem areas after having a baby. But why should moms have all the fun?

At our offices in Torrance and Los Alamitos, California, Linda Swanson, MD, offers the GlamMa makeover: a mommy makeover for grandmas. If you want to combine targeted plastic surgeries to transform your body and reclaim your youthfulness, we can help. Our team uses this personalized procedure to help you feel your best at every age. 

What the GlamMa makeover can do for you

With the GlamMa makeover, Dr. Swanson and our team address the parts of the body that most often change with age. Specifically, your GlamMa makeover can include procedures for your:


Dr. Swanson personalizes your breast procedure to your unique needs and body goals. She can perform a:

Talk with Dr. Swanson about the way you’d like your chest to look, and she can recommend the right procedure for you. 


Dr. Swanson specializes in extended abdominoplasty, a procedure that addresses excess skin and fat on your stomach — just like a traditional abdominoplasty — and extends treatment to your flanks, as well. If you’ve ever considered a tummy tuck, don’t wait to ask Dr. Swanson about this body-transforming option.

Excess fat

If you have unwanted fat anywhere on your body, talk with Dr. Swanson about it. She uses liposuction to trim excess fat from your:

Essentially, your GlamMa makeover can combine whatever procedures are most appealing to you. If you’re interested in a breast procedure, treatment for your stomach, liposuction, or some combination of the three, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our team. 

What to expect during and after a GlamMa makeover

Dr. Swanson specializes in offering cosmetic surgeries to women of all ages. To make sure you’re physically up to the procedures you want, she starts the process with an initial consultation that includes a medical review. Usually, she also performs screening lab tests and an electrocardiogram (EKG) for women over 50. 

You won’t need to go to the hospital for your GlamMa makeover, either. Dr. Swanson offers this treatment from the comfort of her offices in Los Alamitos and Torrance, and it’s an outpatient procedure, meaning you can head home the same day. 

Plus, recovery doesn’t necessarily take longer for older patients. You can expect to be able to drive within a week and get back to your normal daily routine within just a few weeks. Dr. Swanson talks with you so you know what to expect based on the procedures she’ll perform during your personalized GlamMa makeover. 

If you’re ready to learn how this treatment can help you feel like your best self, call the Linda Swanson, MD, office most convenient for you or book your appointment online today.

Linda L Swanson, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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