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Three Skin Care Must-Haves You Should Know About

Skin care is important year-round, but there’s a particular emphasis on using the best products in the summer. As we all enjoy the sunshine, we risk premature skin aging. That’s because the sun’s rays shower harmful UV light down on us, which can cause everything from premature wrinkles to skin cancer

Fortunately, with the right products at your disposal, you can enjoy the summer sun and glowing, radiant skin, all while protecting yourself from UV rays. Linda Swanson, MD, and our team want to help you do exactly that, so we’ve gathered our list of must-have skin care products for summer. These are products from Isdin, a leader in European skin care for decades. To find these products, come visit us at the SPA at Dr. Swanson in Torrance and Los Alamitos, California.

1. Mineral Brush 

This SPF 50 facial powder gives you the sun protection you need without any of the pore-clogging, greasy-looking problems you expect with other sunscreens. Instead, you just brush it onto your face like any other facial powder, giving yourself a solid layer of protection against the visible signs of photoaging. The Isdinceutics Mineral Brush also defends against the skin damage that can come from exposure to pollution. 

This product is dermatologist-tested. It gives you a nice layer of matte coverage too, so it can hide any uneven skin tone issues you’re having this summer. 

We also love this mineral brush because it’s so easy to apply that you can do it anytime, anywhere — even on the go. You won’t even need a mirror! You just shake it, brush it on, and head out to your summer activities. 

2. Eryfotona Actinica®

If you’ve already got sun damage to your skin, this SPF 50+ sunscreen is specifically for you. It’s designed to not just defend against further sun damage (also known as actinic damage), but also repair existing damage to your skin. It does this through its DNA Repairsomes®, enzymes that go to work in your skin. 

It also contains vitamin E, which can help your skin look younger and healthier. 

Eryfotona Actinica absorbs quickly and goes on smoothly. We recommend applying this sun protection daily to keep your skin its healthiest through the years. 

3. Uradin™ Lotion 10 

The summer’s heat, plus time spent in pools and the ocean, can take a toll on your skin’s hydration levels. Enter this intensely hydrating body lotion. It’s designed to reestablish optimal hydration levels even for very dry skin, keeping it healthy and happy for 24 hours. It also helps to smooth your skin, just in time for shorts, sandals, and swimsuits. 

Summer is here! If you want to enjoy it in radiant skin, don’t hesitate to call our office nearest you or book a visit online today to explore our skin care products. 

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