Breast Implants Removal, Replacement, and/Or Reshaping

If your augmented breasts have lost their original beautiful appearance and natural feel, it may be time to consider Removal, Replacement and/or Reshaping.
Why do implants change over time?
The body naturally creates scar tissue around all foreign objects and breast implants are no exception. Often this scar tissue remains thin and pliable, but in some cases it may become thick enough to cause distortion of the breasts with changes in shape and nipple placement, as well as visible and palpable rippling. When this “encapsulation” occurs, removal of the scar tissue is part of the procedure to correct the problem.
What are the options to restore soft attractive breasts?
There are two main ways to restore the desired look and feel of the breasts:
The first is to remove the implants + capsules and lift the breasts. The lift can almost always be done with a lollipop-shaped incision, which is much less visible than standard incisions. (A lollipop incision uses an incision around the nipple/areola and straight down to the bottom of the breasts to avoid a long horizontal incision along the bottom of the breasts.) This approach works well for women who feel that they want their breasts to be smaller and don't want to have to worry about doing anything with their implants in the future. The only sacrifice is that the breasts may not have quite as much fullness as breasts with implants.
The second and more commonly chosen plan is to remove the implants and capsules, replace them with new gel implants, and finish off the reshaping with a lollipop lift. This approach is the choice for women who wish to retain the volume of their breasts while restoring their soft feel. On again, the lollipop lift provides excellent shaping with minimal scarring for a beautiful final result.
What would be the best option for you?

Come in for a consultation – it may be time to kiss your old implants good-bye!