Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is truly life-changing surgery that can provide physical and emotional relief to women with large, heavy breasts.  Large breasts can make women feel self-conscious, create back pain, and lead to other health concerns.  After this procedure, women have smaller, firmer breasts that are in better proportion to their body.  Most women will also enjoy greater mobility, a reduction in back, neck and shoulder pain, and an easier time finding clothes that fit properly. 

Dr Swanson uses the new “minimal incision” technique for breast reduction, which requires fewer incisions than the traditional approach and keeps scars to a minimum.  This technique also reduces surgery time, healing time, and leads to a better final breast shape.

Breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective way to create a more beautiful silhouette while improving quality of life and lessening pain.  It is an outpatient  procedure, which means that you can return home the same day that you have surgery.  As long as your job does not involve lifting or extreme reaching, you can expect to return to work within one week to ten days.  Imagine the difference this could make for you!

If you are a male interested in breast reduction surgery (correction Of Gynecomastia) click here

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Pathology routine with a breast reduction?

A: Dr Swanson advises her patients to allow the breast tissue to be examined by a pathologist to make sure that the tissue is clear of abnormalities.

Q: What is the healing time and, how soon can I go back to my normal routine?

A:  We advise 1 week off work, 2 weeks for most other activities. For water sports, it is important that surface healing is complete. This may require three to four weeks.