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Male Breast Reduction


Male breast reduction is a truly life changing surgery that can provide great relief to men with an overly feminine shape in their pectoral area.  Many of these men will not go shirtless in public because they are self-conscious.  This condition, known as gynecomastia, usually develops during puberty, but can also be brought on by steroids and medication, as well as dramatic weight changes.  This surgery restores a more masculine appearance to the chest. 

The procedure itself involves the removal of excess fat and glandular tissue that lies on top of the pectoral muscles.  This is done with a combination of liposuction and direct removal of the breast tissue itself.  If there is excess skin, that will also be removed.

Male breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective way to give men a more masculine shape.  It is an outpatient procedure, which means that you can return home the same day that you have surgery.  You will wear a compression garment for the first few weeks after surgery to reduce pain and swelling.  Recovery time varies based on the extent of the surgery and the type of work you do. 


Can this be done solely with liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction?

No.  There is always some breast tissue that needs to be removed and breast tissue cannot be removed with liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction.  It needs to be removed directly through an incision in the lower half of the areola. 

Is this procedure done under local or general anesthesia?

Dr. Swanson prefers to do this procedure under general anesthesia because it is more comfortable for the patient. 

Can the size of the areola be made smaller during surgery?

Yes. When the breast tissue is reduced under the areola, the areola will usually get smaller as it heals. If there is skin that needs to be removed, the areola will be reduced along with the skin reduction.

What are my limitations after surgery?

You may return to work within a week unless your job requires manual labor.  You may return to lower extremity exercise (such as running) in two weeks and upper extremity exercise (such as weightlifting) in four weeks.  You cannot go swimming in a lake, pool, or ocean until all of the incisions are completely healed.

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