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GlamMa Makeover


So, your first question is probably, "What is a GlamMa Makeover"?  Well, "GlamMa" is a noun, meaning a glamorous, wonderful woman, whose children have had children and is far too young, too gorgeous and too glamorous to be called "GRANDMA".

Recently my office manager came to me with a story of a patient that I had consulted for a breast lift.  It seems this patient called to make an appointment to see me again for further questions and to discuss another surgery.  She asked my office manager, "I know she does Mommy Makeovers, but does she ever do GlamMa Makeovers?"   My office manager said, "well of course."  So that is how we came up with the idea.  



What is a GlamMa Makeover?  

A GlamMa Makeover could be a combination of breast surgery, abdominoplasty and possibly liposuction.  The breast surgery might be an augmentation, a lift and an augmentation, an exchange of old implants for new ones, removal of implants with or without a lift or a breast reduction, whatever is needed to make the breasts perky and beautiful.  Liposuction could be of the back, flanks and or thighs.


Am I too old for surgery?

Chronological age is much less important than your general health.  Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or decreased thyroid function, which are controlled with medication do not pose a significant risk.  At your initial consultation, any medical issues which need to be addressed before surgery will be clarified.  You could be asked to have a history and physical by your primary care doctor to clear you for surgery. At a minimum, some screening lab tests will be done on all patients and patients over 50 will need an EKG.


Because I am older, do I need to be in the hospital?

No, your surgery will be done in our AAAA certified OR in my office in Torrance or in Los Alamitos Surgery Center in Los Alamitos, whichever is more convenient for you.


How long will the surgery take to be performed?

It will depend entirely on what procedures are done. Usually it is possible to do the breast and abdominal procedures at the same time.  Liposuction involving several areas or in combination with fat transfer is usually be done as a separate procedure.  Small volume liposuction can be done under local anesthesia with the laser assisted technique and would be done separately.  I try to limit my surgery combinations to those that I can complete in 5 hours.  All procedures are done as outpatients.  


Will I need someone to help me after surgery and for how long?

It is important to have a dependable adult stay with you the first night and preferably two nights.  They only need to help you up to the bathroom, give you your meals and keep you company.  No dressing changes or wound care is needed the first several days. 


Is there a service you use for home care if I need it?

Yes, we have two options.  We have our own nurses that can do an overnight stay at your home or we also work with a company called Adia that can provide transportation and home care. We will help you assess your needs and make the necessary arrangements when you schedule your surgery.  


How soon after surgery do I need to return to see you?

I will see all my post-op patients later in the same week as their surgery, unless it is on Friday.  Those patients will be seen the following Monday. 


Since I am older how long is the recovery?

Recovery is not necessarily longer for the older patients.  Healing will proceed at its own pace and is variable.  If you have a sedentary job, you would want to plan 2-3 weeks off.  More vigorous work will require more time off.  That question will be addressed at your initial consultation.  


When can I drive?

You can drive when you are off your pain medication during the day and feel that you can move comfortably enough to control your car.  For most people, this is at least one week. 

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