Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Swanson and her office staff were extremely nice and friendly.  They saw us right away for our appointment, even though it was last minute.  She answered all my questions and was very professional, gave me realistic expectation for my future surgery.  I got a written explanation of my visit, along with a breakdown of cost for procedure.  I will definitely be seeing her for my surgery.” 
— SL -2017 (post consult) 
“Dr. Swanson your skill as a surgeon and performance of your team exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a wonderful experience.” 
— FK – 2017 (facelift)
“I saw 3 plastic surgeons in consultation for my procedure and Dr.Swansonand her staff got my vote.  4 days after my consultation I received a hand written note card from the coordinator, thanking me for coming to the consultation.  It was a wonderful personal touch that is so now lost in today’s world.  I have since scheduled my surgery and can’t wait.”
— LD – 2016  (breast lift)
“My co-worker referred me to Dr. Swanson for Breast Augmentation.  I was very nervous when I came in but the staff and Dr. Swanson made me feelvery comfortatble.  I was able to use the breast sizers to determine what size implant would look good for me.   That really helped to set my mind at ease ,to make sure I didn’t go to large or to small.   I am one happy woman who is thrilled with the new me.  Thank you Dr. Swanson and to your wonderful staff.”
— DH – 2017  (breast agumentation)
“Thank you for making me feel totally comfortable during my time with you and your staff.  It wasn’t easy for me being a man to come in and discuss plastic surgery.  Thank you again , now I have more confidence to go without a shirt to the beach.  You’re the best. “
— FY – 2016  (Gynecomastia)
“Dr. Swanson, You made me look youthful again.  My eyes were looking like I was always tired.  I couldn’t believe how easy the eye surgery was to lift my lids, and get rid of the tired bags I had been carrying for a couple of years.   Thank you for your surgical skills. “
— GV – 2016  (Blepharoplasty)